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Monday, February 9, 2009


I applied for Kings Baduk Academy's Baduk scholarship. 10 people are beign selected around the world, a maximum of one per country, to study for free at the Go training center. Everything is covered - tuition, accomodations, food... The only thing they have to pay for is a $200 entrance fee and air fare. Of course, one would want to bring as much money as possible anyway, because it will surely be needed. The duration is 3-7 years, and the goal is to train them to become professionals, with the goal of popularizing baduk around the world. According to the online pdf's, They will also learn Tae Kwon Do and Korean, maybe some other stuff. I WAS CHOSEN! The director is Sung-rae Kim, a Korean pro who's probably most notable for his 'Train Like a Pro' books. I'm studying Train Like a Pro volume 2 at the moment, in fact. "I think you can be the scholarship student", he said, which revelated me to the core. I am really, really excited, though I'm going to miss my friends and family. I am lucky and grateful, and I will train myself to the limit every waking hour, casting fun aside.

Some other stuff I want to say, a big pile of randomness:

Blood+ is a good Anime series. IT has awesome OP themes, such as Season's Call by Hyde.

My Go club, which meets at the Korea Town Korean Go club (649A Bloor St.W, near Christie stn.) Wednesdays at 4pm, is going well. Jeffrey came once. He played a strong player named Mr. Lee, and won the series of games 2-1. The strongest players at this club are all named Mr. Lee. I played someone they claimed to be a 7 Dan named Mr. Yun, but I won with black, Komi included. He thought he was leadign near the end and said he had to go, making clear that his lead was to obig, but I showed him that he was actually losing by 1.5. My friends and I recounted after three times, since that coutn was too rushed, and I was actually winning by 5.5, with nowhere for white to make it up, especially since I was much better than him at Yose for some reason. All in all, he was pretty strong, but not 7 Dan. He played a lot of curiously weak moves throughout the game, even though he seemed strong overall. Strange.

The HSU Team tourney is coming up, I'll be playing on a U of T st. George team. At last, it is being done Hikaru no Go style!

It seems I am finally 4 Dan! I've been getting mostly a 4 Dan's results playign at clubs, and I finally realized that, the slow player that I am, I can only play at this level with soemthing like 1 hour each and byo-yomi. With a lot of thinking time, I can bring out all of my strength, and that is where I can win. I finally realized how strong I am if I have a lot of time, and the number of handicap stoens I can give such and such player is almost irrelevent, I'm just not good at giving handicap and winning - A different game.

Right now, I'm mostly playing on KGS with my BenMantle account. I will continue to use my Alakazam account, but at the moment the rank is pretty crapped up. I played too many fast games and games i nthe middle of the night or when otherwise exhausted. I've come to the conclusion that my playing level in average length games is KGS 3D or even 2D, but with something like 1:00:00 + 1:00x6, I can probably get KGS 4D without a problem. Recently I had a bit of a strength jump again, so that may be way.

One clear but unneeded example of this jump is that I often play a Korean man from the Korean Go club who's a Tygem and CGA 2 Dan, and until a month ago, I would beat him twice out of every three games, sometiems more like 3/5. Just days ago, he and I played some games over 3 of my Go club meetings (I had an extra meetign on a Thursday), and beat him easily 10 times in a row. I feel sorry for him, but I'm glad I've gotten better.

I'll be leaving for Korea in around two months. I won't be able to go to this year's Canadian Open or two Anime North, but obviously it is still awesome that I get to train in Korea. The academy has at least fifteen pros as instructors. My friends are ecstatic for me, too.

Puro ni naru.

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