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Profile for Crimz

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Monday, February 9, 2009


I applied for Kings Baduk Academy's Baduk scholarship. 10 people are beign selected around the world, a maximum of one per country, to study for free at the Go training center. Everything is covered - tuition, accomodations, food... The only thing they have to pay for is a $200 entrance fee and air fare. Of course, one would want to bring as much money as possible anyway, because it will surely be needed. The duration is 3-7 years, and the goal is to train them to become professionals, with the goal of popularizing baduk around the world. According to the online pdf's, They will also learn Tae Kwon Do and Korean, maybe some other stuff. I WAS CHOSEN! The director is Sung-rae Kim, a Korean pro who's probably most notable for his 'Train Like a Pro' books. I'm studying Train Like a Pro volume 2 at the moment, in fact. "I think you can be the scholarship student", he said, which revelated me to the core. I am really, really excited, though I'm going to miss my friends and family. I am lucky and grateful, and I will train myself to the limit every waking hour, casting fun aside.

Some other stuff I want to say, a big pile of randomness:

Blood+ is a good Anime series. IT has awesome OP themes, such as Season's Call by Hyde.

My Go club, which meets at the Korea Town Korean Go club (649A Bloor St.W, near Christie stn.) Wednesdays at 4pm, is going well. Jeffrey came once. He played a strong player named Mr. Lee, and won the series of games 2-1. The strongest players at this club are all named Mr. Lee. I played someone they claimed to be a 7 Dan named Mr. Yun, but I won with black, Komi included. He thought he was leadign near the end and said he had to go, making clear that his lead was to obig, but I showed him that he was actually losing by 1.5. My friends and I recounted after three times, since that coutn was too rushed, and I was actually winning by 5.5, with nowhere for white to make it up, especially since I was much better than him at Yose for some reason. All in all, he was pretty strong, but not 7 Dan. He played a lot of curiously weak moves throughout the game, even though he seemed strong overall. Strange.

The HSU Team tourney is coming up, I'll be playing on a U of T st. George team. At last, it is being done Hikaru no Go style!

It seems I am finally 4 Dan! I've been getting mostly a 4 Dan's results playign at clubs, and I finally realized that, the slow player that I am, I can only play at this level with soemthing like 1 hour each and byo-yomi. With a lot of thinking time, I can bring out all of my strength, and that is where I can win. I finally realized how strong I am if I have a lot of time, and the number of handicap stoens I can give such and such player is almost irrelevent, I'm just not good at giving handicap and winning - A different game.

Right now, I'm mostly playing on KGS with my BenMantle account. I will continue to use my Alakazam account, but at the moment the rank is pretty crapped up. I played too many fast games and games i nthe middle of the night or when otherwise exhausted. I've come to the conclusion that my playing level in average length games is KGS 3D or even 2D, but with something like 1:00:00 + 1:00x6, I can probably get KGS 4D without a problem. Recently I had a bit of a strength jump again, so that may be way.

One clear but unneeded example of this jump is that I often play a Korean man from the Korean Go club who's a Tygem and CGA 2 Dan, and until a month ago, I would beat him twice out of every three games, sometiems more like 3/5. Just days ago, he and I played some games over 3 of my Go club meetings (I had an extra meetign on a Thursday), and beat him easily 10 times in a row. I feel sorry for him, but I'm glad I've gotten better.

I'll be leaving for Korea in around two months. I won't be able to go to this year's Canadian Open or two Anime North, but obviously it is still awesome that I get to train in Korea. The academy has at least fifteen pros as instructors. My friends are ecstatic for me, too.

Puro ni naru.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Xmas! Two more days! Just kidding, I have nothing to be excited about like I did when I was a kid. I'm hoping I can use this time to make a strength jump in Go, but with holiday obligations all over the place, probably not happening. I started playing on I'm really addicted to it. We basically make our moves whenever we want, like mailing them almost. Of course we have time limits, but they're incredibly lenient. I think each time you make a move, you get your time restored by a day. I wouldn't know, since I make my moves immediately out of impatience. I'm in 13 games at once right now, and I paid for my impatience already... I might lose to a Kyu player because of it... But these ones are pretty strong! Go is Go, I can't take anyone lightly, that's just arrogant and stupid. This site uses european ranks, so it makes sense if they're strong. That said, my current 3.4 Dan is likely to drop, since I think I'm only about Canadian 3-Dan (but at least that makes me 4 or 5-Dan in the states ^^)

My first win on the site so far was against a 4.6 Dan, so I'm doing fine even if I lose one or two of these games. Some of my opponents are Dans, one is someone I sort of know (wossname, as he calls himself on countless servers). Naturally, my name on the site is Alakazam! I'd say the main problem between OGS and I is that I don't put my all into my moves. Especially when I'm in many games at once, I get careless. Who am I to think that I can defeat these people with a half-assed effort? If they're trying to win, why should I come out victorious? It all goes back to what I said before - I need to put my all into each game, quality over quantity. I can't deny though that this site is also about fun for me. I played a little on KGS lately, but way less than I used to. I played a few blitz games and was still able to beat 2D+, so I must not be THAT bad at blitz... I had to go somewhere, so I was doing it for fun, but it would be nice to be able to play faster.

Watched Rosario + Vampire recently....bleh.... I'm still watching it, and it's not bad, but not a top anime. Still keeping up with Naruto, Bleach and Gundam 00 S2. Naruto Manga is really good right now, it's at some really intense parts. I watched the released eps of One Outs. Not bad for an anime about baseball. I'm typing up all my poems and all my story ideas and stuff... I'm finally going to integrate creative writing between my studying Go and being a LAZY ass Otaku.

I didn't know I had so many poems. Maybe I'll post them sometime. I'm hesitant for obvious reasons. My brother, who has pretty much no interest in Go (so sad T__T) is practicing guitar a lot. I practiced guitar for like two weeks, but I had to cut it out of my life because I had too many hobbies, especially some obvious ones that need a lot of attention. I got good at strumming quickly, and came up with some cool songs. It's possible that I had some potential there. I come from a family of musicians, and I have a nturally good sense of rhythm and music in general, but anyway it's not my thing as much as Go and writing are. He finally surpassed me at guitar, he's really going at it. What's weird is that he and I are admittedly very similar people, especially with our Otaku-ness. When I look at a chord chart, all I see are Go diagrams. If he asks me about one of the chords, I'll say something like, "black has bad shape" or "this is quite the Joseki deviation." Man, I'm listening to my brother's ipod right now and all I can say is...L'arc en Ciel...mania...Bebe!

Lately I've been a bit Go I mean. I think I'm going through another improvement transitional stage wherein you get worse before you get better. Yeah, let's go with that. I'm hoping it's that. Hehe....heh.... .....ugh.... I hope one of my Xmas presents is $80 bucks so I can get my security license, lol. I get to start working as soon as I get it, although it looks like I gotta' wait 'till after Xmas when I get back from my aunt's house in Niagara, and the training is like two weeks I think.

Ja na

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just remembered! It's called Nabari no O! XD

Things To Do

-Get a job: Kind of a fundamental requirement for travelling to Korea. You know, money? Yeah...
-Buy: That book on Sabaki...
-Finish: Gettin' these credits at this alternative high school...and then be done witth it! 8 days 'till Xmas break, wai~
-Catch up in my courses...been slacking lately, though I probably have 80-90 in each of them so no worries.
-Stop eating McDonalds. Yeah... If I get to school really early, I can get a Lunch Voucher, wai~
-Need to turn things up a knotch in the Go department. Gonna' study harder, i.e. focus on the tedious stuff like life and death. Yeah...

I can't remember what that series is called! The Ninja thing with the character named Yoite who dies. If I can remember my games to the end now, why can't I remember the name of a series I finished and liked in the last two months...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wow, long time since the last post...

Man, It's been a month since my last post, time flies... I definitely won't remember all the noteworthy things that happened to me recently, but I can blabber on for at least a few minutes.

Right now I'm very satisfied with the way I think logically and philosophically. I don't remember being like this before I started playing Go, and my ability to reason is also very different now. Another chang I've experienced is that I feel indifferent about things. It almost feels as though I could die in some accident and I wouldn't care too much. That's a bit of an overstatement. I can't describe it, or rather, I'd have to think a while in order to articulate my words properly to explain it, but I feel a lot wiser now, I have a whole new perspective on life, and I've improved at looking at myself from different perspectives. Go is interesting indeed. I can go asfar as saying, "Go is life". This is because the way one plays Go symbolizes aspects of their life and themselves, and a game of Go is like the course of life.

I've been referring to someone I know by the name 'Tassadar', but let us change that to 'Zeratul'.
Zeratul showed and explained to me the very interesting method of using Chinese characters to tell my fortune, so to speak. What he identified about me made perfect sense, and when I got him to check my brother, about whom he knows little, it was still accurate. There were a bunch of other interesting things about what the symbols indicated, and it was really interesting the way the elements, the days, months, years, weeks all connected, and how the elements related to each other in terms of fortune telling. I'm actually being sold on this, and that's hard to do with me. I don't yet believe in other furtune telling methods necessarily though, just this one for now. Nonetheless it's fun and interesting.

I defeated Zeratul in an even game! Then another day he beat me by 15 or something....shit...just kidding! Obviously he's still way strogner than me, that 6-Dan. It's cool that I beat him, especially since he didn't get killed or anythign anywhere, but it will be years before I can take him down for real. At least I know I'm getting somewhere.

I got a new phone! I upgraded my Motorola v3t to a Sony Ericsson, a pretty new model. I think it's called a "Walkman", but nonetheless it says that o nthe phone, and has a good music playing program called 'Walkman'. I was actually confused at first, because it has another one called 'Rogers Music Player'. I was using that, and it wouldn't play my M4A files. I couldn't figure out how to convert them to MP3 so i was annoyed that I only had a few songs working. Then I found the superior Walkman program as soon as I actually started exploring my phone, and I was no longer a sad panda.

I watched Rosario + Vampire and I'm currently keeping up with season 2 ("Capu 2") in addition to naruto, Bleach etc. The series isn't that good, but I like the Capu2 ending Trinity Cross by Nana Mizuki, especially with the Ending video that goes with it. It's basically just vampiric Akashiya-chan walking...shouldn't be that interesting, but she's a cool character, and Trinity Cross has a vampiric feel to it ^^

Since I only have a 512MB memory card now, I had to delete al lthe songs I didn't really listen to much.

...Not a single english song remained...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

KGS Accounts

Oh, almost forgot! I made a bunch of KGS accounts, because I can! Here is a list of my accounts:



1 secret account


Iight (appears as 'light')*

Expired accounts:

Koseito (first ever)
Can't remember the others

My current main accounts are Alakazam, Nabooru and Charmander. Most of my accounts aren't ranked.

My Go At The Moment

Hisashiburi da ne!
ひさしぶりい だ ね!

Still haven't gotten a job, but today I'll do a bit of searching online...probably to no avail because I fail at that. Songs of the week: Hakanaka mo towa no kanashi (Gundam 00 season 2 OP) by Uverworld, and Velonica (Bleach OP 9) by Aqua Timez. I'm hoping my increasingly unlikely theory about Naruto possessing a Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) of the Whirlpool country from his mother becomes true. This is based on the far-progressed Manga of course, not the lagging Anime. I watched almost twenty episodes of Welcome to the NHK (Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai)
日本 ひきこもり 協会 I also watched GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) which wasn't bad, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting...It's been a while since my last entry da ne. I watched one episode of Ga-Rei Zero but it didn't look like something I would like. Of course I'm watching Gundam 00 S2 as well.

My Go has taken another smal lstep up. I'm moer confident in my play now, and in my reading, and my concept has been fortified. I'm progressing o nthe road to becoming a great player da ze!

I started posting on the International Baduk Academy (IBA) forum on their new website

I'm going to do some problems using my book 'Train Like a Pro 2' now so...Ja ne~

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Still totally off schedule. I haven't gone job hunting or submitted that job application to PizzaPizza yet. A played two games against KGS 3-Dans that made me feel like they are stronger than me. Other times, I play them and feel the opposite, but these two were really bad... I'm still trying to find my way of stones. I tried returning to my old Shusaku style opening, but it's not working for me. next, I'm going to try a more influence based way. I figure if I can prevent myself from being overwhelmed by influence and perhaps control the game with my own, my opponent won't really be able to beat me on territory alone since I'm good at taking that. I was also thinking of trying 3-4 and 4-5 as an opening. 4-5 would start me off with some extra influence, and 3-4 would allow me some territory. I'm also fond of the one-space low pincer against a high approach, and I learned a few new variations. Naruto is pretty dramatic right now, pretty sad that Asuma died. They based the videos of the newest Opening and Ending themes, Closer and Long Kiss Goodbye on how Asuma died, it's so sad. Not like I didn't see it coming, I also read the Manga, which is far ahead. I won't post the game I used for my newest Baduk Legend video on Youtube, sicne you can see it there, but I will post a game. It will be entitled 'October 08'. My club has become active again and the show is pretty okay. Last time Hai, Taras and two friends and Ben Hakala came. Taras and his friends will be taking lessons from me, and I gave my first lesson to Zac already. I have a total of 5 students now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baduk Legend

After a really long period, I have finally added a new Baduk Legend video to Youtube. It's called BADUK LEGEND RETURNS - KGS 3-DAN. Incidentally, my KGS rank just fell to 2D again. It keeps jumping around at the border between the two, but recently I've foolishly done things like, playing rated games at 5 in the morning while I haven't slept, and I hurt my rank a lot by losing repeatedly like that. I posted the graph. I mostly play in person anyway, so I don't really care. However, I'm going to try hard to get it back to 3-Dan and then leave it alone. I aim to reduce my KGS playing frequency to nearly zero games a week. Quality over quantity my friends.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is Go to you?

I've started to realize that theory is not just some trivial aspect that adds dimension or personality to your game. It's just like the technical skills you teach yourself such as attack moves, Joseki variations, life and death etc. Most of us never stopped to think about what our Go philosophy is, I think we just assumed that everyone has their own way, and it develops on its own as they learn. I never put too much time into thinking about this stuff. I thought about the meaning behind different openings, or about how "territorial" or "influencial" my play is, but it's not enough. To some people, Go is about killing groups. To others, it's about winning through peaceful play. To some it may be about balance. A friend of mine opened my eyes with some words of wisdom the other day. This friend, whom I'll refer to as Zeratul, thinks of Go as the course of life, and in a respect, considers Go his life. This is the deepest type of Go philosophy I've heard of so far, and for someone who really has their life together, it's no wonder he is strong at Go. At the moment, I probably have a Go philosophy that's just too sketchy or vague to put into words, or one that I haven't fully unmasked yet. I must find that way of Go soon, for it is the key to a greater understanding and an increase in consistency of play. I should probably choose an opening that I like that represents my way of Go the best, and use that opening for every game. By doing this, I can further improve the consistency of my play by learning to play the same move eery time I'm faced with a particular position. As it stands, I feel as though I'd play a different move on a position I played on yesterday. Is this creative? Not really. it's true that Go has a great scope for possibility, but in the majority of cases, my scope is not correctly narrow enough. As I type this, the only way I've thought of for myself is a way of balance. This way would of course lead me to play a stronger game, but I fear this is a way shared by everyone beyond a certain strength level, and too far from the kind of way I should by hypothesizing. Personality and life experience plays a large role in one's Go. Zeratul convinced me that the very fact of traveling to Korea, for example, would change my entire paradigm of the world, since I've been in the same place my whole life. It would thusly change my Go as well. Playing a fighting style goes against my personality. Playing a territorial, peaceful style compliments my personality. If we were to play by our personalities alone, we wouln't be able to play as well. So we all have to go against our own personalities as we begin to adapt to the challenges of increasingly stronger players. But how much? For me, it's quite a lot. Recently I've been playign an influencial style of Go that relies on fighting. I believe this is a direct way of improving my greatest weakness, and sicne I'm relatively good at taking territory and calculating values, my opponent probably wouldn't be able to win on territorial moves alone. Zeratul believes that the natural flow of Go is just the same as the natural flow of life. Another thing I've decided to extract from this is that moves in Go should be treated like decisions in life. Along with this sense of meaning would come the responsibility to make every move count, and especially to play every move correctly and carefully, rather than play moves hoping they'll work or knowing that they don't.

I played in a tournament recently at CPAC Go club. I was 2-2 in A division. I defeated a 6-Dan in an even game with Komi (due to a 10+ point endgame mistake) and a 2-Dan, and lost to a 3-Dan and a 5-Dan. That 5-Dan was..."mimi", president of UofT St. George Go club.

I'm thinking 20 difficult Go problems per day is reasonable. There are only so many problems available... 5 pro game reviews a day, as much Go reading as possible I guess, and at least two games a week, but no more than 5 or so. I need to play a lot less, and maybe not online at all. When I do play, I need to Go all out. Afterward, I should review for longer than I played. I should play or learn from stronger players at every chance. I should avoid playing weaker players at every chance. I should do some easy problems during my spare time in addition to the 20 hard ones each day. I think this method would keep my sharp enough not to miss the easy stuff when I play. I should record and store my games, too, especially if i use the same opening every time. A method I just thought of is to look at games of mine or someone else's and create my own problems out of positions within.

Just finished watching Code Geass second (final) season. It was great! Great ending da ze~!

Applying for a job at PizzaPizza !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing as a KGS 3D

Played some more games today. Today wasn't a good day, I lost a few. I lost to the same 4D twice (no handi of course ;p), though I did defeat a 5D with two stones by 9.5, and a 1D giving two stones. If I can win some, and most importantly, win against a 3D, I'll be able to accept my new strength and maintain my ratign as well :D

I will post my KGS Rank Graph's as updates, and Here's a link to my playing stats with game records.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Name Changes

Changing my blog name from 'iaS', to my good old nick 'Crimz'.

As I have mentioned, my new KGS is Alakazam, 3D. I fear it will fall to 2D if I don't play (or of course if I lose). I played some games today, but for some reason I ended up only playing free ones. I've decided to hurry up and get a job, and go to IBA in Seoul after the next Canadian Open, which is supposedly in Toronto.

I'll upload two game pictures sets. One is a game against a KGS 1D - surprisingly easy after getting better at the tournament. It was 20 second blitz. Another I'll put up is an opening with two stones against a KGS [-], supposedly 4D or higher. He escaped, and when I looked at his games list it was obvious that I just played a chronic escaper. I think I was doing well though.

I've been reading my Go books a lot lately. I'm doing life and death problems more than I ever have, which is not saying much. My life and death prowess is so crap. I had sushi!!!1 SUSHI~~~ AAAHH SaShImI!!!!1112

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I came back from Quebec last night. Hai Cheng nicely offered me a drive since the Subway was closed, so I took it. He's a 5-Dan from the CPAC Go club I go to on Saturdays. My record in the Canadian open was 4 W 2 L in the lower Dan division. I registered as 2-Dan in order to win a lot, since I usually do the opposite, over estimating my rank so I can play strong players. I lost the first game really stupidly. My opponent played a Ko threat which forces me to make a second eye for my huge dragon, and I played the wrong move. I played a move that reduces his liberties whilst increasing my eye space so that I could get lots of Ko threats, since the shape would have given my lots of them there. The Ko was worth at least 40 points. My dragon died... I played really hard and brought it down to a 10 point difference, but I had to resign near counting. The other game I lost was when I got caught up in the speed of this kid who played all of his moves instantly, Benson Lai. The game lasted something like five minutes! I got killed and resigned. I played him later in one-colour Go and won, but anyway he turned out to be a really polite kid, so I had no regrets. The second day, I was really myself. I had calmed down by playing my friends in our room, and won all of the 8 games, casual or tournament, that I played the next day. I defeated Patrick (5D), but he was in a really depressed mood because of his game and it was barely even a game. I also beat Micheal (6D), but the first half of the game was a two-person simul. Amira (1D) and I took second place in the Pair Go tournament. Man, she really likes starting fights. We defeated a 2K - 8K pair and a 2D - 4D pair, but lost in the finals to Micheal (6D) and Irene Sha (4D). Quebec was really nice, it looked amazing and had lots of old, cool looking buildings and historical monuments. Toronto smells like garbage like never before. I roomed with Peter Fung (5K), Micheal Liang (6D), Patrick Lung (5D), and Ron McKenzie (1D). The other room, filled with our other friends, was Mr. Fan (7D), Jeffrey Fung (6D), Hai Cheng (5D) and Jeff Meng (5D).

I made a new account on KGS called Alakazam. I was surprised this account wasn't taken. I got KGS 3D somehow, but I'm sure if I keep playing it will probably drop to 2D. Hopefully it won't drop lower than that.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back

Haven't posted in quite a while.  I'm sick at the moment.  Some updates...

Need a job pretty bad so I can start saving for IBA, managed to beat Jeffrey with 3 stones again, and with many other similar feats, it seems I may really have reached AGA 3rd Dan.  I'll upload a few games when I feel better.  I have 5 students now, though none of them have really started up with me yet - I've only done one lesson.  Next weekend I'll be going to the Canadian Open Go Tournament 2008 in Quebec!  Really excited!  I'd better get well by then.  I'm going with Jeffrey and some of his friends.  Did a little dating lately, which is rare for me, since I'm a busy guy.  I haven't really been looking for a girlfriend or caring about that stuff for quite some time now, since I have other things to worry about.  Okay well, I'll start blogging more soon.  I also plan to add a few new "Baduk Legend" videos to Youtube, at long last.  I'm having trouble finding a screen recording program for my brother's Mac.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, I'm definitely not going to play often at all.  Pokemon, that is...  Just on Subway and stuff...  But here's one update I gotta' make.  The team i posted earlier pales in comparison to this one.  A speedy veteran team!

Jolteon - Super fast special sweeper with physical attack potential...  Takes out flyers, for one...
Gengar - Speedy special sweeper, anti-earthquake swapper, able to use many elements.
Tauros - Basically no weaknesses with Zen Headbutt and Earthquake...  A fast physical sweeper
Starmie - Fast with pretty good Sp. Atk.  Another multi element user who's useful for Rapid Spin
Arcanine - A quick Physical sweeper who can also use specials.  Kills dragons with Dragon Pulse and pings weak foes with ExtremeSpeed.
Aerodactyl - Super-fast Physical sweeper and flyer.  What else to say.

We'll see...

Haven't posted for a while

Well now, I've been busy lately with moving and I haven't played much Go lately.  I'm moving to a new apartment on the same street on which I'm already situated, so it's not really a big deal, but now I'll have a basement and a porch.  My Go club, which is growing nicely, will be better at this location!  I can make the whole basement a Go area, with Anime wall scrolls and such as decoration.  It's also an ideal party place for me and my friends.  To be honest though, I'd most like to have Go parties :D  A group of Dan players discussing situations with each other and playing games, perhaps practice for what it will be like at the IBA.  I have lots of weird ideas like this.  I also imagined myself and two others forming a team that challenges clubs and such to three-board team matches, all of us high-Dan players of course :)  I was recently messaged on Facebook by Adrian Petrescu, a lower-Dan player whom I played in a high school - university team tournament two years ago.  That time, I was much weaker than him and somehow won by an endgame fluke.  The next year I got to play him again, I was one of the organizers of that tournament.  This time I was considerably stronger than him.  My advantage was obvious for the whole game, but for some reason I started being stupid and two large areas of mine died...  But I was still in the game!  I still wasn't losing!  Then I died in yet another area, so I resigned...  Ugh...!  I can't wait to play him again, he said he might come to my house to play while he's in Toronto.  He goes to the same university as my brother, U of Waterloo.
I saw Dark Knight today...  Awesome!  Sugoi!  Heath Ledger was really great!  Best Joker ever!
I think I'm going to start writing again...  In this time while I'm saving up for the IBA, it's not a problem if I spend some time on my writing.  I've realized that replaying pro games, for example, really doesn't help me improve very quickly.  If I spend too many hours a day focused on Go, I won't be able to try my best for such an extended period, so I should just do a more quality/quantity oriented training.  If I play stronger and same-level players at every chance, go to Go clubs often, view KGS Plus lectures and do lots of Tsumego (Go problems), that's probably all I need.  I'll probably embarrass myself at the IBA if I don't increase my Tsumego prowess, which is almost non-existent.  Speaking of which, my name is on the list of future students for the IBA!  I'm glad it's on there, for I feel slightly reassured.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Update

Added a playlist to the blog, from Imeem.  It contains anime songs.  I made an account on called Dreamer and on called SaiCan.  I also play a bit on Facebook.  My name on Facebook right now is Ramik Sohzey (for fun, it's the name of a character I made up in one of my stories) but the search should still work with 'Ben Mantle'.  I don't feel like talking about the game I just posted (called Recent KGS Game) because I've already reviewed it myself and I'm lazy and busy.  It was a pretty well-played game on my part I think.  Heh, I had gotten back from a party and was tipsy, playing at 4'something am to boot.  I finally got my report card in the mail.  70.6 average.  I really took a big fall at the end, I think one of my teachers screwed up my mark for both of her classes, and I also didn't do some assignments at the end of the year.  i wanted to start summer so I said "screw it!".  I passed all my courses and my lowest mark was 63.  I got 89 in night school Japanese, but that wasn't on the day school report card.  I found out that I missed Korean summer school...  I thought it started in August for some reason, which means I need to take night school when the school year starts.  At least I saved myself from six hours a day of school during one month this summer.  I'm going to be a student of Monarch Collegiate now, in order to do just half a year.  i hope my PC data drive at Riverdale C. I. doesn't get cleaned out...  I'm going to pop in next year to try to get my stuff off of it.  Later!


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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I woke up really late today, though I did go to bed at dawn for some reason. My brother turns 21 tomorrow (today). Nijyuuichi sai de omedatou! I didn't do any Go today. Usually I at least do a few problems or learn a few Joseki variations, but today I did nothing at all. Yesterday I saw the movie Wanted with my friend Robb, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. It was bloody, and the bullets were magically able to circle around. What have I been doing in the last few hours? Eating Rolo ice cream, drinking Coke, sitting idly, watching Zero no Tsukaima season two (episode 9 how sad...), and... Da-danana~~~ ...thinking of a pokemon team to create... Is that nerdy or what? I've been bored, and since I could find neither the charging cable for my brother's Nintendo DS to play Pokemon Diamond nor the charging cable for his SP to play Zelda: Oracle of Ages, I'm thinking of a team I'll make when I become able to play. I can't help but want to continue playing every new game that comes out in the Pokemon and Zelda franchises... If I play this version now, I'll be able to trade them to future Pokemon versions. I like to make thigns more fun by playing like a gym leader... That is, playing with a theme team! This tiem I'll do rock! Or rather, mineral? Rock, steel and ground types. Most gym leaders or trainers of either of those themes usually has some of the others mixed in. I'm such a nerd, but here's my unrefined, initial team idea:

Metagross (Steel/Psychic)
Ability: Prevents stat change of Metagross by opponent
Adamant Nature (+ Atk - Sp. Atk)
EVP: 255 Atk, 155 Sp. Def, 100 HP
Moves: Earthquake, Explosion, Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash

Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
Choice Ability: Pressure (Lowers enemy Power Points)
Jolly Nature (+ Spd - Sp. Atk)
EVP: 255 Spd, 255 Atk
Moves: Iron Head, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Giga Impact

Bronzong (Steel/Psychic)
Choice Ability: Levitate (Ground attacks miss)
Sassy Nature (+ Sp. Def - Spd)
EVP: 200 Sp. Atk, 200 Def, 110 Sp. Def
Moves: Psychic, Stealth Rock, Charge Beam, Earthquake

Rhyperior (Rock/Ground)
Choice Ability: Solid Rock (Super effective moves do half the damage to Rhyperior)
Brave Nature (+ Atk - Spd)
EVP: 255 Atk, 255 HP
Moves: Mega Horn, Avalanche, Rock Wrecker, Earthquake

Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
Ability: Sandstorm starts upon release
Sassy Nature (+ Sp. Def, - Spd)
EVP: 80 Sp. Def, 210 Def, 200 Atk, 20 HP
Moves: Avalanche, Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Return

Empoleon (Steel/Water)
Ability: Raises water moves' power in a pinch
Bold Nature (+ Def - Atk)
EVP: 255 Def, 80 Sp. Def, 175 Sp. Atk
Moves: Grass Knot, Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power (Ground)

Anyways, thinking this up took only fifteen minutes so whatever. Most of the values were decided on randomly, with no calculations or anything.
My character will probably be named Rocky. I prefer to play as the female protagonist, since she looks okay, and not like some painter dude wearing a burret... The best I could come up with for her is simply calling her Diamond, which works... Or Crystal, either suits the theme, but I feel that would be too generic. None of the relevent Japanese words sounded good either...

Friday, July 18, 2008, cause I'm a Rocket Man!

I'm glad that I got this address before anyone else.  I played some more games with Peter when he came over, this time it was at least six games.  I've realized that I'm awful at Life and Death. In addition to my psychological walls which prevent me from playing with all of my strength, I am sucking at ze living and ze killing.  I'm starting to get better at motivating myself, just by thinking.  For one, I'm at least a decade behind most aspiring professional players.  Most of them are pro before they're 18.  I'm almost 19 and I'm not even a high-Dan amateur player yet. I have to try harder, harder, harder, harder, Harder!  Go is supposed to be my life now, or that's something I have to make reality.  Perhaps I should say "My Go supports me", or maybe I've watched a little too much Hikaru no Go.  Those who try overly hard are the ones who become great, who become successful.  If I don't want to end up working at a movie theatre or a Mcdonalds in the future, I'd better get a move on.  I wonder if being a teenager or a young adult is when we all think about the future most.  I've heard that before, that's all.  Is knowing what to do next and how to succeed in life what being an adult is about, or requires?  I used to think I knew what I was doing, but I admit that I am lost.  I carry but four things with me along this road.  One is my current situation - My home and family, my friends, my getaways, my current abilities and the rest, but these are some things I'm continually trying to improve on, as if I'm seeking some kind of nirvana within myself.  Another is the desire to work a job I like, but still make a pretty good living.  In other words, I don't want to live under pressure.  I also carry with me the ability to work extremely hard at the things I love, whatever they may be at the time. Also the ability to try my best when I'm in a pinch.  Hobbies, for example, easily become my life.  Last but not least, I have a passion for Go that motivates me additionally.  My Go is not like any of my other hobbies in the fact that I will never stop playing, and I will never stop being able to improve and to enjoy it.  It's different from my Pokemon, my trading card games, my Hockey, my martial arts, my body building, my guitar, my writing...  I am enveloped in the world of Go now, so I must become a pro.  I must say though, writing is far above everything else to me besides Go, so I aim to end up enjoying both writing and Go.  Anime and Manga are more things that I will definitely stay involved with for a long, long time.  Year after year I've always asked myself, am I that much less down to earth than everyone else?  Everyone around me seems so cynical.  It pains me for some reason, it's as if I pity them for wanting to live average Joe lives.  It's the same feeling I get when I see people my age without any promising hobbies who just play MMORPGs and other video games, dedicating hundreds of hours to something they're just going to quit indefinitely before moving onto another, a hobby with no fruit to bear.  It's probably wrong of me to be like this, and I'm not really any different.  I feel like the main character in some Anime where all the people around get killed and then mass-revived over and over in repetitive oblivion, no more than pawns.  If I were to actually believe something like that, I would be really arrogant as hell wouldn't I.  I don't really think like that, I just don't want to be a pawn.